Tuntemisen Kielet

El languaje de los sentimientos

The language of feelings


Curator: Susana Nevado

Artists and Artists Managers: Patricia tovar, Monica Ituribarria, Susana Nevado, Marjukka Irni, Marieatta Bernstorff and Jutta Kohlbeck


Susana Nevado:


Communitiy art, also known as "dialogical art" and "community-engaged" refers to artistic activity based in a community setting. This art field is becoming specially impotant in contemoprary art knowdays. And thats why this exhibiton include a variety of community art projects done in three contintents :Europe- Finland,Africa -Senegal and Central America - Mexico. All worrks approach to the theme of feelings and have been done with soft materials like fabric or embroiders among others.


Many works are done with native women, who due to migrationen of unfavorabel social circumstances use two languages in their daily life. Throug art we can get an access to their family and emotional environment, which they convey visually through the tradtitional embroidery techniques. These technices have been part of older generations in countries such as Finland, but they are still very much present in Mexican and Anfrican communities that have participated in this project from 2011 to 2015.

The participant women and their childern work capture stories and hopes. The community art project show their social background and their present circumstances.

The artistic purpose is to combine art with craftwork, emtional live and bilingualism in order to present a multi- and intercultural vision in the exhibit with a personal touch and personal stories that despite cultural differences are universal and similar.